SYN teamed up with Rudolf Trossen, Mosel Valley's finest natural Riesling maker, and Amsterdam based music producer No.Pia.No to translate the fermentation process of wine into music.
No.Pia.No used the sound of the fermentation process in Rudolf Trossen's wine tanks, originally recorded by Knut Aufermann. The music starts with Knut Aufermann interviewing Rudolf Trossen about the fermentation process. No.Pia.No then carefully selected rhythmic parts of the recording to build the backbone of the composition. He added beautiful evolving and hypnotising instrumentation. The result is a calming yet captivating musical journey, making you feel like a little bubble floating around in Rudolf's fermentation tank.
Take a sip, sit back, put on some headphones and listen to the track below. 
It is also possible to order one of the limited SYN bottles of Rudolf's 2020 Hubertus Rieslings or to support the composer by buying the music only. All earnings will go directly to the artist.


2020 Hubertus Purus
Bottle: limited and signed SYN edition
The 2020 Riesling Hubertus welcomes you with a fine and spicy freshness. Like most of Trossen’s unfiltered white wines, it has a slightly oily texture, a certain liveliness and density, and glides invigoratingly over the tongue like spring water. The wine smells of yellow fruits like Mirabelle, Citrus and Grapefruit. After a few minutes in the glass, when the inflowing oxygen opens the oxidation, the canon of scents and aromas expands: dried plums appear and memories of cinnamon and cloves.  The wine appears balanced, relaxed and rested, joyfully communicating this tranquility to the attentive connoisseur.
Every bottle of this art project is signed by No.Pia.No, numbered and comes with two versions of the music. The original version with the interview and the instrumental version.

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Music made of the fermentation process of Trossen’s 2020 Hubertus Riesling Purus Trocken.
You will get two digital versions:
No.Pia.No – Ferment (with interview)
No.Pia.No – Ferment (Instrumental)
All earnings will go directly to the composer.





Rudolf Trossen


Rita and Rudolf Trossen decided in 1978 to convert their entire estate to Biodynamics. In 2010 they began to delve into natural winemaking with their Purus line of wines. These wines have zero additives, and are unfined and unfiltered. They allow their wines to sit on the lees for extended periods of time “until all biological processes have come to an end.” The depth of character and expression Riesling can reach without additives is truly amazing. 
This is Mosel Valley Riesling at its finest.


Amsterdam based producer No.Pia.No creates down-tempo, moody and hypnotising music. He combines field recordings, synthesises and more classical instrumentation and spends a lot of time trying to find sounds with the right texture to fit the composition. This results in a soothing combination of sounds that seem to comfort many different kind of listeners. You can find more of his music on Bandcamp or your favourite streaming services. It is also possible to support No.Pia.No by purchasing the original and instrumental version of this music project via the button bellow. All earnings will go directly to the artist.
Welcome to the comfort zone.