2020 Hubertus Purus
Bottle: limited and signed SYN edition
The 2020 Riesling Hubertus welcomes you with a fine and spicy freshness. Like most of Trossen’s unfiltered white wines, it has a slightly oily texture, a certain liveliness and density, and glides invigoratingly over the tongue like spring water. The wine smells of yellow fruits like Mirabelle, Citrus and Grapefruit. After a few minutes in the glass, when the inflowing oxygen opens the oxidation, the canon of scents and aromas expands: dried plums appear and memories of cinnamon and cloves.  The wine appears balanced, relaxed and rested, joyfully communicating this tranquility to the attentive connoisseur.
Every bottle of this art project is signed by No.Pia.No, numbered and comes with two versions of the music. The original version with the interview and the instrumental version.

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