[SYN001] SoundSculpture

The SYN SoundSculpture is a 3D printed sculpture of a sound wave. It brings sound to life into a physical object.
Some sounds are linked to a special memory… Like a message from a loved one, the song of your wedding dance, a recording of one of the first words of your child or your first musical creation as an artist.
Unfortunetaly, those memories stay tugged away – digitalised on your phones or computer.
Michelle Falck found a way to visualise sound with the SYN SoundSculpture. This way, these memories are brought to life into a  sculpture that you can touch and see. And every time you see it, you will remember. See it as a beautiful way to cherish these memories more often. 

ORDER soundsculpture
Any audio can be translated into a SoundSculpture.
Every SoundSculpture is custom made and unique. Send us your audio file during check-out and we will design a 3D sculpture based on its waveform. The SoundSculpture’s solid material and heavy weight give it an elegant look and quality feel.

w: 700
gl: 210mm
h: 150mm
 Price: €375
Production time: 3 – 4 weeks

Carbon Fiber
3D printed SLS Polyamide

3D printed with the latest technology. Assembled by hand.
Packaging worthy of holding a special memory.


Michelle Falck

Entrive Studio

Halrin Meijers


1. How do I upload an audio file?
You can upload it during check-out via the upload file button. We support most common audio files, but if you have a specific one or if you experience any troubles, just send us an email via weare@syncollective.nl. We’re good at solving creative problems and are happy to think along with your idea for a SoundSculpture.
2. Will I get to see what my SoundSculpture looks like before ordering?
SoundSculptures will only have their final looks after 3D printing, meaning that we know what it looks like quite late in the process. But we’ve tested it, and they all look beautiful. So don’t worry too much about it and appreciate the uniqueness of your Sculpture. 
3. How will people know what the audio is?
We give you an option to name the audio. This name will be written on the insert in the box. Next to that, we give you an option to lasercut the name of the recording, song or the words of the message on the wooden block.
4. Why does it take 3-4 weeks to create?
The SoundSculpture is made with quality material and the latest 3D printing techniques that are more rare. It’s final print is made in Belgium and the other parts of the process are done by hand in Amsterdam. Some Sculptures require extra care, because we want all Sculptures to be steady, beautiful ones. We give ourselves some extra time for full focus. Patience pays off. 
5. Any other questions?
Reach out to weare@syncollective.nl or via our @syn_collective instagram